Fives Pillard

Fives Pillard Founded in 1920 by the Brothers A. and M. PILLARD, as the world leader for burners and clean combustion systems, Fives Pillard designs and supplies clean combustion equipment and command-control systems, mainly for the mineral industries and for the production of electrical and thermal energy. Fives Pillard also provides an extended range of analysers and instruments in order to master plant monitoring: combustion optimizing, flame detection, ignition, and road tunnels & ATEX zones safety. 


Fives Pillard’s goal is to achieve sustainable industrial progress:

• Increasing fuel efficiency thus reducing CO2 emissions

• Making plants run safer and more reliability

• Driving down energy costs

• When possible, incinerating waste instead of fossil fuels

• Reducing polluting emissions, notably NOx and CO

Scope of activity:


1. Boilers & Heaters: 

• Hi-tech equipment for boilers (firetube, watertube, thermal oil, package, thermal power stations and urban wastes)

• Turnkey revamping of heating plants

• Special burners for alternative fuels (coal, petcoke, high viscosity oil, tar, biomass, biogas, acid gas, low LCV gas, liquid sulphur, black/red liquor, LPG, naphta, kerosene, methanol)

• Burners for petrochemical heaters with constant heat flux

• Digital control systems


2. Cogeneration & Combined cycle plants: 

• Hi-tech post-combustion equipment (located upstream from HRSG or downstream from a Gas turbine or Engine)

• Gas valve trains, oil handling systems, safety devices

• GENSAFE®  fail-safe Digital Control Systems


3. Incineration units:

• Rotary incinerators for solid wastes

• Fixed horizontal or vertical incinerators for liquid, gaseous wastes

• Tail gas incinerators

• V.O.C. incinerators

• On-skid incinerators for diesel power stations and ships

• Turnkey units including heat recovery and flue gas treatment

• Special burners for acid gas, liquid sulphur, or residual by-products


1. Calcination & Drying:

Burners for rotary kilns & precalciners (ROTAFLAM® for coal / gas / oil fuels & alternative fuels, and DIRECTFLAM® systems for semi-direct firing)

• Pulverized solid fuel dosing systems (STAPILDOS®)

• Hot gas generators and associated burners

• Conversion of cement plants to high viscosity oil

• Storage and handling of solid & alternative fuels

• Flue gas sampling probes at the kiln inlet (ROTASAMPLER)


2. Burner management & Combustion control:

• Burner Management and Control

• Remote control systems allowing operation without human presence

• GENSAFE® fail-safe Digital Control Systems for boilers & HRSGs

• ROTASAFE® kiln control systems

After sales customer services: 

1. Spare parts

• Supply and fitting of spare parts

• for burners from any origin: Fives Pillard, Foyers Turbine, Vampa Combustion for ancillary components.

• Manufacturing of special parts

• Improvement of wear or refractory parts lifetime

2. Assistance service

3. Training combustion

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