The Refratechnik Group - More than 60 years of - intelligent refractory technology for worldwide markets

The Refratechnik Group (Refratechnik Cement, Refratechnik Steel, Refratechnik Asia and Baymag) provides refractory technology for the Cement industry, Lime industry, Steel industry, Aluminum industry, Non-ferrous metals industry, Chemical industry, environment and energy.

Refratechnik Cement: Cement is at the heart of the Refratechnik Group. This is demonstrated by more than 60 years of experience in this field, the large number of international partners and networks who consider Refratechnik Cement as a linchpin in the market, and not least by the skilled team of workers in Göttingen. All Refratechnik production sites are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and 9001, which has been integrated as a permanent component of the existing quality.

Shaped refractory products

  • Chrome ore free basic bricks
  • Basic bricks
  • High alumina bricks
  • High alumina bricks and fire clay bricks

In our constant efforts to intensify customer service and improve our products, Refratechnik has developed ¬innovative refractory concrete grades. These refractory concretes are the latest in refractory technology and meet every expectation in respect of processing and application behavior. 

Refractory concretes

  • REFRA-Block line

Refratechnik Steel GmbH is a company within the Refratechnik Group. On the solid base of more than 60 years of refractory know how, Refratechnik Steel GmbH is focused on the requirements and demands of steel and iron foundries, non-ferrous metal and aluminum industries as well as on all environmental, chemistry and energy concerns. Refratechnik Steel GmbH, together with its customers, always aims at working out goal-oriented solutions that are put into practice by applying innovative refractory concepts and high-grade products. The specially developed shaped and unshaped products as well as the technical concepts constitute the recipe for success of Refratechnik Steel GmbH.

In this endeavor, we are able to draw on our extensive range of refractory products: 



Non-ferrous metal 

Environment / Energy / Chemistry 

Process materials

In the following products:

  • Shaped products
  • Unshaped products
  • Prefabricated components
  • Other materials

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