IKN GmbH is a medium sized company that specialises in the manufacture of cooling plants for the cement industry.

The name IKN is known worldwide as a synonym for clinker cooling – the reasons, our unique cooling technology.

The clinker cooler is one of the most maintenance and process critical areas in a cement plant. Over 25 years of building clinker coolers and more than 300 installations worldwide have proved that the IKN cooler is at the forefront of cooler technology.

Through improvements in the formation, aeration and transport of the clinker bed, IKN coolers can operate at the highest load in terms of tons of clinker per day per square meter of cooler surface and with the lowest air load in Nm³ per kg of clinker.


  • IKN Grate System
  • Pendulum Suspension
  • Pendulum Cooler
  • KIDS
  • Heat Shield
  • Hydraulic System
  • PHD
  • Roll Crusher
  • Kiln Outlet Seal

In addition, IKN, in collaboration with PSP Engineering Co. also is active in upgrading and retrofitting of existing plant

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